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Moisture & Pest Control in Suffolk, Virginia

No one likes to see pesky ants on the walls or roaches lurking in the corner. That's why Second Opinion Termite & Pest Control makes sure your property is pest free!

Since 1985, we continue to provide thorough moisture and pest control services throughout the Suffolk, Virginia, area, with a focus on termite treatments. Call now for a no-charge preliminary inspection.

We Our Proud to Offer:

• Wood-Destroying Insect Treatments 
  – Powder Post Beetles
  – Subterranean Termites
  – Woodborers or Old House Borers
• Wood Rot Fungus Treatments 
  – Brown or White Rot
• General Pest Control Services
  – One Shots, Monthlies, & Quarterlies
  – Termite Pre-Construction Treatments
  – Real Estate VA/FHA Inspections
  – Termite & Moisture Reports
• Moisture Control Solutions 
  – Plastic Vented Crawl Doors
  – Auto-Temp Crawlspace Fans & Vents
  – Crawlspace Drain Systems or Pumps
  – Sand Fill — Moisture Barriers
  – Wet or Damaged Insulation Removal
• Sub-Structural Repairs
  – Interior & Exterior Wood Repairs
  – Exterior Doors & Trim
  – Sills & Joists

The Pros in Pest Control
At Second Opinion, we protect your home from insects invading living or crawlspaces. We come out on a quarterly, monthly, or semi-annual basis to ensure your property is bug free. From spiders and ants to crickets and fleas, no pest is a problem for us!

Special Offer, Moisture Control in Suffolk, VA

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